Tokenomics We have strong tokenomics for $EARN token, in order to maximise potential returns for tokenholders:

  • The supply of $EARN tokens is low

  • $EARN tokens are an integral part of Earn Guild's business model

  • $EARN tokens allocated to team members and advisors are locked up for 1 - 4 years

  • An on-market $EARN buyback program underpinned by 20% of revenue

$EARN Buyback Tokens

For our $EARN buyback token program, we apply revenue we receive from loaning out guild-owned GameFi NFTs and Tokens on Earn Guild Marketplace.

Allocation of $EARN Buyback Tokens We allocate $EARN buyback tokens as follows:

  • 25% Locking Liquidity – Increasing the DEX liquidity pool to promote a healthy secondary market.

  • 25% NFT Vault – Acquiring additional GameFi NFTs for Earn Guild Marketplace.

  • 25% Staking Fund – Funding yield to $EARN Tokenholders that provide additional liquidity to DEX liquidity pools.

  • 25% Token Burning – Progressively reducing the total supply of $EARN Token.

Upward Price Pressure

This buyback program drives strong upward price pressure throughout the entire $EARN Token ecosystem.

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