Scholar Rental Agreement

This is an example of the terms of one of our NFT rental agreements. This particular NFT rental agreement applies to scholars who rent Axie from Earn Guild to play Axie Infinity.


When a Scholar rents Axie through Earn Guild the following terms apply:

Scholar must be over 18.

Scholar may not be a resident of a sanctioned country.

Scholar must not be part of another Axie Guild or have another Manager.

Scholars will be set up with a team of 3 Axie.

Earn Guild will set up a new Axie Infinity account for Scholar and deposit the rented Axie.

Scholar must earn a minimum of 1000 SLP per week for a 3 Axie team.

Scholars may choose to rent 2 extra Axie for 350 SLP per week per Axie.

If Scholar does not achieve the minimum weekly SLP requirement, this rental agreement will end and the Axie will be returned to Earn Guild.

Scholar must play with only one account. Multi-Accounting will result in an immediate ban from Earn Guild and the Axie will be returned to Earn Guild and their unpaid SLP will not be paid.

Scholar will provide their Ronin wallet address to Earn Guild and their share of SLP winnings will be deposited weekly to this address.

SLP earned using rented Axie will be split 50-50 between Earn Guild and Scholar.

Scholar will receive share of SLP winnings each Monday.

Scholar may end their rental agreement and return rented Axie at any time with no penalty.

To enter into a Scholar Rental Agreement send a direct message to our Scholar Manager on Discord.

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