Community Leaders

In our player community, we have a team of community leaders who help new players join Earn Guild, apply to become scholars, rent play-to-earn NFTs, and learn how to play to earn more.

Most of our player community activity occurs on Discord, where we have a vibrant Discord server. Most of this activity centres around Axie Infinity, at this stage, because Axie is the most popular play to earn game at the moment.

First, we have a group of about 10 'Scholar Managers'. Their role is to help new players/scholars who have recently joined Earn Guild choose the Axie they want to play with. Our scholar managers buy the Axie which Earn Guild players choose and set up the rental arrangements with the players (scholars).

Second, those Earn Guild players who are most active in our Discord server chat room are appointed chat moderators. They look out for new members who come into the chat asking questions about how to become a scholar, how to rent Axie, and how to play Axie Infinity, and they help them out with their queries. They also ensure that our Discord rooms stay safe places for Earn Guild players. These player/moderators get a 10% higher share (ie. 60%) of their player revenue.

Third, we have a group of 'Game Leaders' who help us deliver new P2E games to our player community. Game Leaders form game partnerships with current and emerging P2E games and integrate them onto our technology platform so that Guild members can access NFTs they need to play these games.

As our community grows, we will keep growing our Community Leaders. We will also broaden our capabilities into other play to earn games as they become more popular. Our community leadership model is very scalable.

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