Advisory Team

Evan Luthra Evan has been building and investing in fast-growing technology companies since before he was an adult. The combined market cap of the 100+ companies that he has helped build and invested in via his Incubator Fund is in excess of US$10B+. He has been in crypto since 2014, and has run a successful crypto investment bank. Evan is a published author and writes for CoinTelegraph, Forbes, Cryptoknowmics and more and does regular TV shows and interviews. He is one of the first to have called the play-to-earn and metaverse gaming boom. Evan has gained a strong following of millions of crypto enthusiasts and VC funds. See his complete profile on

Kyle Chasse Kyle Chasse is one of the top 50 most influential people in crypto. As an early Bitcoin evangelist, he has 10+ years in Blockchain. Kyle built the first Bitcoin lottery in 2014 and was the COO of Credits, a Baas company. As a crypto advisor he has advised many Binance-listed projects on tokenomics, product dev., bizdev, and fundraising. He was an early investor in Kraken, Coinbase, Bitfinex, Thorchain, and Elrond among others. Today, Kyle is the CEO of Paid Network (Owners of the Ignition platform) and manages over 65 employees at Master Ventures. Master Ventures is responsible for over 100+ token generation events and has grown to be one of the top 20 crypto investment banks/ VCs in the industry.

Samuel Huber Founder of Admix, the first in-play monetisation platform for gaming and the metaverse | Raised $37M from top VCs | Helping 300+ game developers monetize | Owner @VRFocus | Contributor @VentureBeat @Forbes | Obsessed about humanity's next frontiers: the metaverse and Mars

Nathan Christian Nathan is the Founder and CEO of LedgerScore. A top-rated global influencer in Blockchain and Fintech. Nathan’s a technical expert in blockchain-based accounting and financial applications. An active angel investor and serial entrepreneur with contributions to over 35 technology start-ups.

Abbey Lauersen Abbey has a background in Marketing & Communications (Advertising) and over 6 years experience in the industry. She is an experienced Senior Account Manager having worked across nine different industry sectors. As a marketing professional, Abbey is a passionate generalist, committed to delivering campaign solutions that make an impact, and she enjoys working collaboratively.

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