Earn Guild is a Decentralised Autonomous Organisation. Every player holds $EARN tokens, and that gives them power and a voice over their guild. $EARN tokens allow all Earn Guild players and tokenholders to propose and vote on community changes to the platform.

Examples of decisions that may be candidates for proposals and votes include uses for tokens acquired in buybacks, and votes around which NFTs to acquire or sell for the vault.

Examples of decisions that may become proposals and voted on:

  • which NFTs to buy or sell

  • how much revenue to allocate to the buyback program

  • uses for tokens acquired in buybacks.

Any tokenholder can create a proposal and vote on changes they want for Earn Guild at any given time. This allows Earn Guild to be improved by any tokenholder with a good idea about how our platform can perform better.

Voting rights are based on the number of $EARN tokens held. For a proposal to go through, the majority of the votes cast must be in favor of the proposal, and in a situation where there is more than one option, the proposal that has the highest votes wins. When a proposal is up for voting, tokens are locked until the voting period ends.

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