Earn Guild is a play-to-earn guild.

Play-to-earn games are skill-based blockchain games where players earn crypto tokens when they win. We support players of play-to-earn games so that they can earn more.

We provide:

  • marketplace for the sale and rental of play-to-earn NFTs;

  • coaching for new players;

  • exchange for games tokens;

  • fiat gateways, with an Earn Guild Mastercard; and

  • credit scores for players.

Earn Guild soft-launched on 15 October 2021. Since then, we have rapidly built Earn Guild's player community. Already, we have about 30,000 in our Discord community, and we have received over 8500 applications to join Earn Guild. Over that short time, we have onboarded over 1800 of our new Guild members to be scholars playing Axie Infinity and we are onboarding at least 50 new scholars a day.

Earn Guild is supported by a capable team of game-preneurs with blockchain, payments and start-up acceleration experience.

We released 31,000,000 $EARN tokens to raise $8,100,000 over November 2021 - January 2022, and we listed $EARN on crypto exchanges on 22 February 2022.

We hope that you will join us in our GameFi metaverse!

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